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Drop Edge Beams

When comparing prices between builders it is very important that you compare apples with apples. If one builder is significantly cheaper than the other it could be because of drop edge beams.

Drop edge beams are essentially the extra bits of concrete that the builder can pour with your slab that go right down to the ground. The advantage of this is that it allows the builder to elevate the level of your slab. If a builder only allows for excavation and not for drop edge beams, you could be left with significant additional costs at the end of your build.

These costs could include:

  • Removal of excess dirt and spoil from your property
  • If your house is positioned too low you could require the addition of retaining walls as well as be at risk of flood damage.

It is very important that you are aware of whether you will need drop edge beams and whether this is included in your fixed price contract.