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The Role of the Supervisor - Handing Over Your New Home

Steve Grayson - ANSA Site Supervisor

Without doubt the handover process to a new home owner is the most pleasurable part of a supervisor’s role. There are not too many jobs that you can take a blank canvas and within 6 months build a home fit for a family. A home that is not just comfortable and functional, but is the result of all your hard work as well as ours.

It is a privilege for me to walk through your house with you and experience the excitement on your face when your home is ready for you to finally to move in. This is the opportunity for both us to review every aspect of your home and for us to ensure you have an understanding of the responsibilities we have to you. Areas of concern are fixed prior to handing you your keys.

What you will find during the initial walk through is that the appliances are not installed. The reason is one of risk and safety precautions. If you are not living in your home there is always an opportunity for vandals to steal from a vacant home. These however will be installed for you when you actually have the keys to move in.

When you are given the keys, we explain that your house now enters into 3 warranty periods. The first being a major structural warranty for the life of your home. All the appliances in your home also begin their warranty periods and obviously these have varying time periods.

Lastly, there is the first 90 days as the home settles in. With timber frame homes there is always some timber shrinkage as it continues to dry out. This may cause minute hairline cracks, but you can be certain that your home is safe and is solidly built. This period also gives all the features and functions of your home time to settle. Together we will carry out a final inspection at the end of the 90 days.