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What is a Provisional Allowance?

A Provisional Allowance is exactly that, an allowance that can increase or decrease subject to a certain circumstance. Therefore a Provisional Allowance is the opposite definition of Fixed Price.

In the building world, there are certain elements that cannot be fixed and hence provisional allowances are ok to have. Examples include: traffic management, rock excavation, easement encasement works, onsite detention system, rain garden, privacy screens as requested by council, etc…

Items that categorically cannot be provisional allowances include but not limited to: tiger tails due to overhead power lines, basix, drop edge beams, piering, etc…

So what does a provisional allowance to a builder? A Provisional Allowance is an opportunity to charge the client more later.

At ANSA Homes, we do our homework and investigative works upfront so you are not hit with hidden costs later. We are responsible to protect you as the building professional and we are able to tell you everything upfront before you are committed by a substantial amount of money. Your price can be fixed (if there are no legitimate provisional allowances) for about $1,000. So why pay more to have it fixed?