Christopher Starr

Hi Elya,

We have really enjoyed our experience thus far with ANSA and also with you.

The first thing that we found that separated you apart from other builders was the honesty up front. We couldn’t really get a grasp on the full price of our build and after speaking with you we understood exactly what the cost would be and also what was in the cost. Since that point you have really helped both Jenna and myself work on eliminating waste and inefficiencies in our build to help lessen the cost.

In our discussions we found you were very helpful in setting us straight if we had an unreasonable request, advising us what the effect would be if we went down the path and helped us understand why certain things would not be helpful, also accepting of good ideas. This made our meetings effective and we were able to solve tough problems with fitting everything into our block. We Wanted EVERYTHING!

We’ve found you to be proactive every step of the way and we haven’t had to chase you up for anything. Its actually been the other way around and you were chasing us down as soon as you had an update, which made it very easy for us in our busy lives! We would definitely recommend you onto our friends, family and anyone who we might come across with the thoughts to go ahead with a Knock Down Rebuild or even purchasing land.

In fact we have already been sharing our story with others of our experience so far. Elya, we have really enjoyed our time with you and really appreciated everything you have done to guide us through and save us money where you could. If we had the opportunity to go through this or something similar, you would be the first person we would be looking to see.

Again, thank you very much for your services.