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The ARLO 25 - Exemplifying smart, single storey living.


Frontage: 12.02m
Width: 12.02m
Length: 22.00m
Total Size: 233.86m2 / 233.86sq

Single Storey Home | on display at Homeworld Elara, Marsden Park

The new innovative design of the Arlo caters for the diverse nature of today’s modern families.

With a design that focuses on open spaces, natural light seeps into all of the Arlo’s various living areas, the addition of sloped ceilings further add to the sense of space and light.

The Arlo is a well-balanced design that sings comfortable living and entertainment. A free-flowing combined living/dining/kitchen area opens onto an alfresco that promotes open-plan living and a calming sense of space.

Offering customisable design options to suit a variety of block sizes and frontages, the Arlo by ANSA Homes is a superb, compact single storey home design that offers a pleasurable living experience.

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