Knock Down
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A home knock down rebuild in Sydney will give you a modern home that will match contemporary lifestyle needs. For many houses built prior to the 1960’s a knock down rebuild is the most cost effective way to transform your home environment whilst staying in the familiar surroundings of your community. There are many reasons to consider a knock down rebuild in Sydney:

A knock down rebuild in Sydney allows you to be creative in design and build a new home specific to your family. It will:

A knck down rebuild also gives you many possibilities..two homes under one roof with a house and granny flat design or duplex design - perfect for older parents, children or a future income. If you require a more conventional approach, ANSA Homes will have a single storey or double storey home design that will meet your family's needs.

Knock Down Rebuild vs Renovation Cost

In many situations the knock down rebuild cost in Sydney is comparable or cheaper than renovating your current premises. Many older homes were built before Australian Standards were introduced and you must retrofit new standards to your old frameworks.

In doing a major home renovation or addition there is an element of discovery and the “unknown” with some issues only uncovered as the renovation proceeds. Unlike a renovation, a knock down rebuild has the advantage of more closely estimating the total cost. Some issues may be uncovered that effect the entire home such as:

ANSA Homes is well prepared to discuss any and all options available to you. We understand that you will want to be involved in the design of your new home. Our home designs will give you some ideas, but they can be adapted suit your needs


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