Narrow Block Home Designs

Narrow block home design can be challenging and requires innovative and creative thinking from both you and your builder. The emerging trend in new home estates in Sydney is the release of narrow blocks.

The objective is to ensure you have the right design for your narrow block, create a home that meets your lifestyle needs and maximises the use of space.

A narrow block is typically defined as having a frontage under 13 metres. Knowing the council regulations and other living considerations is an important element. For example, blocks with less than a 12.5 metre frontage can build right to the boundary but other considerations that can influence your design can include:

  • Back of house access
  • Location of utility services
  • Position of air-conditioning units
  • Position of water tanks
  • Modify Your Narrow Block Home Design.

A narrow block does not necessarily mean a small home. There is no reason to compromise on the space and functionality of your home when a purpose-design can give you a lifestyle to suit. An intelligent contemporary design on a block that is flat or sloping, long or short is just the beginning in narrow block design.

Ansa Homes “no one size fits all” attitude will assist you in defining your needs and matching those to a creative design.

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Narrow Block
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