Role of the Supervisor:

Managing Subcontractors

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The role of the supervisor is multi-faceted with the ability to organise and communicate at the hub. It involves having a strong relationship with you, with your new neighbours, council authorities and of course trades and sub-contractors. My years of building experience, together with inspecting finished work is key to ensuring the finished elements of your home are just right.

Subcontractors live and die by the quality of their work and the ease by which we can deal with them.

The supervisor has to manage the checks and balances from both sides – the sub-contractor and ANSA Homes. Sign-offs are necessary at every stage. It is also important to remember that there are regulatory standards to be meet to ensure that your home is safe, secure and comfortable to live in.

The hidden areas of a home are the most important – for example electricity and plumbing. However these are relatively straightforward to manage and determine if everything is in good working order. Electrical connections are tested and are either on or off. There is also quite a time after electricity cables, connections and fittings have been installed to continue testing. Plumbing works in a similar fashion. Once the connections are in, the plumbing is always on and so pipes, taps and toilets are under continuous pressure.

As a supervisor, I need to ensure that the fittings are correct and in the right places based on the building plans and the product selections you have made prior to building.

The finishing trades will give your home the look and feel to make your home comfortable. We surround ourselves with tradesmen that have the same mindset of achieving high customer satisfaction and getting the job done right first time.

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