Eden - Practicality and accessibility

At ANSA, we have determined family needs, evaluated areas of concern and researched how technology is integrated into everyday living. We understand the nuances of family life and so, the Eden has been created with these elements in mind.

The Eden provides solutions, embracing your growing family. The design has been planned with areas in mind where parents can monitor and guide their children’s use of IT, providing that fundamental balance of practicality and accessibility.

With storage solutions in every area of the house, you’ll find the Eden functional, friendly, fresh and wholesome. This is a house where family values are taught. Our clients have genuine needs and as so, we are able to offer different modules to suit different frontages using the same design techniques and principles. With technology deeply embedded into our lives and a family that continues to change, our approach is to embrace the future – and we are finding promising results.

Until 30 November 2018 ONLY

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