Single Storey Home Designs

Single storey home designs - functional, yet comfortable; practical yet creative to give you a home design that combines our innovative thinking with your unique needs - the Ansa Difference. We understand that one design does not suit everyone. We give you the opportunity to have your own personal touch in the design & building of your home!

Each home is designed to match your block of land and to make the best use of space. Have you considered two homes under one roof such as a house & granny flat to future-proof the investment in your home? Your single storey home will feature all the space, inclusions and design features you want on a single level.

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Single Storey
home designs

Your Single Storey Home Design

Our approach is totally customer driven. Our homes can be designed to meet your exacting needs. Choose from an architect designed single story home or work with us to modify a design to suit your block.

Whilst perfect for some, our single storey home designs will only be the start for others. We encourage and strive to incorporate your ideas and we spend the time with you to make certain that the ultimate design is your home design.

Even a House & Granny Flat option can be modified - under one roof or a separate independent home. Perfect to maximise your investment or to accommodate your family.

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